I am Brendon Wong

I’m a social entrepreneur, PM, investment advisor, funder, researcher, life hacker, and world traveler.
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Here are some of the hats I wear!


I love crafting business and product strategy and working with talented teams to execute those strategies. That’s why I became a social entrepreneur, executive, and PM.


Whether it’s handling HR and compliance, thinking of UX designs, or writing code, I do whatever it takes to bring world-changing visions to life.


I’ve always been very meta, and as a venture capitalist and grantmaker, I love providing funding and support to make high-impact ventures possible.


I’ve spent years optimizing how people and organizations invest. In our current “pre-post-scarcity” world, money makes things happen, and that’s why I apply my investing knowledge to help the charitable sector, thus making more good things happen!


I love researching high-impact topics! I particularly enjoyed using public data to calculate which charities could earn millions with better cash management and analyzing RCTs to determine that vitamin D supplementation can help deficient individuals live longer.


I like sharing my knowledge with people and spend some of my time running student internship programs, providing mentorship, advising startups and organizations, and coaching people regarding personal finance and self-improvement.

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