I am Brendon Wong

I’m a social/tech entrepreneur, product manager, web developer, registered investment advisor, and life coach.
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Here is a list of things I can do for you


I have launched and lead startups in areas as diverse as healthcare (quantified self and P2P insurance), blockchain (working with Ethereum Frontier release), and law (online alternative dispute resolution) and worked with teams in established organizations.


From advising BART on multimillion-dollar capital improvements to managing a $120,000 Adwords marketing campaign for a digital health nonprofit, I have your project consulting needs covered.


I have launched several nonprofits and a donor-advised fund provider and am an involved member of the effective altruism movement. I can advise and run charitable projects as well as provide guidance on where to donate and how to best impact the world.

Web Design

I can design beautiful, easy to manage websites and create them from scratch (HTML & CSS) or use a content management system like WordPress.

Project Launching and Advising

Research and validation? Check. Incorporation and banking? Check. Website and email? Check. I can assist with all aspects of launching a project/startup as well as provide insight on expanding an existing venture.

Life Coaching

I have years of experience in the personal development field, and explored everything from the science of motivation, to the algorithms behind achieving an incredible memory with scheduled recall, to the impact of plant-based nutrition on preventing cardiovascular disease. I’d be more than happy to share my insight with you!

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